Our Perils with Indifference

by Robinson V

Elie Wiesel once said, “to be indifferent to that [human] suffering is what makes the human being inhuman”. I too believe there is a lot of Indifference going on today. Keeping our head down and refusing to do anything to change the world around us. Selfish in every way, we are the bystanders of the world. Turning a blind eye to injustices and saying to ourselves “there was nothing i could do”. “Indifference is always the friend of the enemy, because it benefits the aggressor, never it’s victim” It is those same victims who lives beside/across from you, at work, you know about… but it is easier to ignore. Ignore until you are a victim of Indifference…your cries, your tears, all will be ignored. Unless we stop and break the cycle of indifference. Elie Wiesel gave this speech in 1999 with regards to the horrors of the 20th century. It is 2013 and not much has changed.    -June 2013

I wrote this after reading Elie Wiesel’s speech. It hit me really hard because i knew that i too am guilty of doing the same. I had that “as long as it does not involve me” attitude. I was raised in the same manner. “Don’t stick your nose in other people’s business” my mom will tell me and as a result, i grew accustomed to turning a blind eye on things i knew deep down… was wrong.

We all are guilty or have been guilty of doing the same exact thing. But when do we act? how do we act? when does it turn into something greater than you can handle? All of these questions surround our conscious as we are left in a dilemma. Most will respond to “do what ever does the greater good and the least harm” but this statement could mean different things to various people who are facing the same situation, there are no real answers. When you have no real solution to a very present problem, friction arises, which then breeds more problem giving rise to greater indifference.

So am i saying we can never see eye to eye, of course not. But with multiple agents at play, it becomes difficult to effectively combat indifference. Instead, we often weigh Indifference and pick which one to approve of and which one to fight against. That is the story of the 21st century. Nations have taken it upon themselves to become the “police” of the world. Which “crime” requires our attention now, which one is more severe, which one can wait…and as the years goes by, those [injustices/crime] that have been put back on the shelf as not being “as important” slowly escalates until it beckons the attention of the world.

Indifference  gives birth to monsters, indifference stimulates chaos and creates opportunities for the inner demons of man to manifest. Indifference is the long and forget cousin of sin. In a world where we turn a blind on genocide only to act when it is already too late, indifference diminishes the value of life.  MLK once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” so who are we to weigh the importance of one human life over another? We have grown so accustomed to our “throne”, we have forgotten the feeling of indifference and yet we are its greatest agent.

What can you do to break this endless cycle? What have you been doing and what could you do in the near future to alter the course of human history? All it takes is one thought, and that thought will snowball into a movement. Resign from your role as an agent of indifference. Become that thought, let it snowball within you until it ruptures into an avalanche…let us all take the world by storm.

~The Elimist~